11.20: "USGOV issues travel warning for Mexico due to degrading security sit. Threats incl homicide, gun battles, kidnapping, carjackings & robbery. Vigilance urged."
11.18: "Law enf nationwide advising Jewish synagogues and related institutions to heighten security measures over growing anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment."
10.29: "AlertsUSA monitoring 'unusual event' declaration at Oyster Creek nuclear power plant, Lacey Township, NJ (near the coast). Multiple sources report flooding."
10.26: "Al Qaeda #1 in new video. Calls POTUS “professional liar”, calls for kidnapping of Westerners, says it is duty of Muslims to free jailed cleric Abdul Rahman."
9.15: "AlertsUSA monitoring call made overnight by Al Qaeda in Yemen for Muslims to kill any and all U.S. diplomats. Foreign srvc officers worldwide on high alert."
8.17: "USDA halts resumption of Japanese beef imports due to concerns over radiation contamination. Developing..."
6.21: "Sweden raises alert levels at 3 nuclear plants after discovery of explosives on truck entering Ringhals NPP near Gothenburg. Police: "Sabotage". Developing ..."

Resources (Changes and additions as threats and events dictate)


Focus: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster

FukushimaExplosionRadioactive materials in the form of gasses and particulate matter continue to be released into atmosphere in Japan. These emissions are carried over the Pacific on easterly weather patterns and are deposited in North America.

In addition to the emissions from the plant, the government of Japan has decided that the best way to dispose of disaster debris from the earthquake and tsunami (which triggered the nuclear disaster) is incineration! A large amount of this debris is contaminated with radioactive materials. The net result is that the radioactive materials are re-aerosolized and reintroduced into the atmosphere.

Typically the greater portion of the solid radioactive materials are via rainout.

Global Aerosol Dispersion - NASA

Global Jet Stream Forecast - StormSurf

Jet Stream Analyses and Forecasts

Jet Stream N. America

U.S. Precipitation Map

Radiation monitoring for the U.S. government is the responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Their nationwide detection network is known as RADnet.

EPA Radnet

Free Testing of Air Filters for Radioactive Hot Particles

Additional Resources

CDC: Contamination and exposure
How radiation is measured
CDC: Radiation terms
CDC: Protecting family in rad event
CDC: Info on sheltering in place
CDC: Potassium Iodide (KI)
CDC: Radiation emergencies

EPA RadNet Japan FAQs
EPA Japan Monitoring Efforts

CA Radiologic Monitoring - Reports
CA Radiologic Monitoring Map
WA State Daily Radiation Readings
U.C. Berkeley Radiation Monitoring




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