Customer Testimonials
"This year, not only has the AlertsUSA system been invaluable to me in the magnification of my work responsibilities in the field of Security Coordination, and Implementation of Protective Measures for NASA, but has had a positive impact on efforts to make the war on terrorism a resounding success. I cannot imagine working a day without this invaluable service!"

Derace O.
Chief Of Security
NASA Facility

"AlertsUSA is the most useful personal service for breaking news, dangers and threats that I know of. Coming instantly to my devices, it allows me to be aware of, and prepared for, critical information way ahead of the mainstream media. Their information, for the past three years, has been impeccable."

Nena W.
Lt. Col, USAF (Ret.)

"I'm an RN. AlertsUSA keeps me up to the minute with the most pertinent developments in anything nuclear, biological, or chemical that may threaten health either immediately or down the road. Often, as with the emerging "bird flu" virus, I receive such advance notice I have time to include the information into the in-service training I give other nurses."

Susan Y.

"I recommend this to all my friends to check out."

Steven S.

"As you can tell I depend on you as an important part of my information gathering. Thank you guys for a great product to help me keep my family safe."

Chris G.

Customer Testimonials

"I just wanted to let all of you at AlertsUSA and Threat Journal that I have been a subscriber to your outstanding information gathering / reporting for well over a year and that you are by far the best out there. I have turned many family, friends onto subscribing to your alerts and journals and want all employed down there to know you are doing a great job and to keep it up! Thank you."

Anthony N.

"I got the service last year. My platoon leader has been blown away how I find out about things before he does. "

Roger K.

"You kindly gave me a free subscription when I was out of work. Now that I am once again employed, I just formally paid for a subscription. Thank you for your kindness."

Harry F.

"We also think that you both are performing an important service for those who are willing to listen. Thank you and please keep up the good work."

Stephen K.

"Thank you for providing a great service. I would like to add a second phone number [...]."

Dayrl H.

"Sweet, I am re-subscribing. Keep on keeping me informed."

Neil T.

"Thanks for the AlertsUSA connection. WOW.. Someone is powering through things."

Stevie W.

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Do you want to know how the elite and insiders manage to avoid danger and stay safe while others become victims? It all comes down to their information sources. Being quickly and accurately notified of threats today means you and your family are likely alive, safe and well tomorrow.

For more than 10 years, AlertsUSA has helped individuals such as yourself monitor and protect against growing dangers in our world, regardless of their location, with flash notification of significant threats and incidents impacting their safety and security.

Suport for al mobile devices, including smart phone, cell phones, satellite phones and pagers as well as tablets and personal computers of all types.

AlertsUSA continually monitors the national and international threat environment using a variety of information and intelligence sources. Those threats and developments posing the greatest risk for American citizens are immediately flashed out to subscriber mobile devices.

You learn of threats and breaking events much faster than with the mainstream media, if they report them at all. The time saved can be the difference between safety and disaster, being in the right or the wrong place or how you respond. Because messages are sent to your mobile device, you can be warned of dangerous developments 24/7/365.

You are assured of no hype, no political influence or advertiser considerations, as with the print and broadcast media. Just the facts.

coverage areas include

Service is available on literally any mobile device, on any network, anywhere in N. America and beyond. Standard email delivery is also included with every subscription, further extending your notification options.

The dangers you and your family face each day are increasing fast. Being quickly and accurately informed of the threats dramatically decreases the chances of becomming a victim. If their well being is your concern, get this service. It is the right thing to do.

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